Learning to Celebrate Life Alone

Last year marked my parents being deceased for 25 years. I was 25 when they died. So from this year on I will have lived more years without them than with them. So why does it still feel so crazy to live this version of normal? You'd think I would have mastered going it alone. Nope. I have... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Chris’

The two most important people in my life share the same name. Chris, my mother and Kris, my daughter. This weekend I pay homage to them both. April 9th would have been my mother's 74th bday, and it also marked my daughter's 1st game playing on a full contact football team... You read that right.... Continue Reading →

Anniversary Awareness

This week was the anniversary of my mother's transition. I thought about her a lot. More than usual. My thoughts were framed around an episode of "Super Soul Sunday" I watched this Sunday featuring the author of "Wild", Cheryl Strayed. Much of the book is centered around her relationship with her late mother, preceding and after her death. She... Continue Reading →

The Legacy Lives

Last Thursday would have been my mom’s 73rd birthday and I did something I’ve never done in the 25 years I’ve celebrated her birthday without her- I focused out. What do I mean by “focused out”? I decided to think about someone other than myself. I decided to see how I could lend myself to... Continue Reading →

Emotional Resurrections and Passovers

This is a holy weekend for many Christians and Jews. Both observances important, living changing, life sustaining, and life giving. For us Christians this weekend we observe Christ's death and resurrection; for Jewish people they observe the Passover... When I was in church tonight I could see, in relation to this blog, how the symbolism of these 2 holy... Continue Reading →

Forgiving Our Parents

People who know the story of my childhood are always surprised that I have no animosity towards my father. That didn’t just happen in a day or with a wish. But it didn’t take a lot of work either. It seemed like it happened without me even trying. I guess it happened when I gave... Continue Reading →

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